• Introduction of the village

This village belongs to Simonesti and it lies 1.5 kilometers from it. Its inner territory is only 14 hectares. It lies in the deep valley of the Szentmiklos stream at a height of 450 meters. Around the village there are hills, forest can be found only in the south at Cserehat.

The first written document about the village is to be found in the 1333 decimal notes of the pope where it is mentioned as distinct church, named Sac. De S. Nicolao. ( Orban Balazs). In 1912 The National Village Register noted it under the name of Szekelyszentmiklos so as it can be differentiated from other villages that have the same name.
  • Demographical dates

The village has 69 inhabitants all of them Hungarians. 52 of the inhabitants are Unitarians, 16 Reformed, 1 Roman Catholic. ( dates from 2002)

  • Touristic sights
The Unitarian church was built in 1862 in the center of the village. A few carvings from the old church were built in the new church. The western gate of the church is framed by a pointed arch made by stone with specific patterns, so is its threshold.

Its panel in one color is from 1862. In the Middle Ages several villages belonged to this church that meanwhile had become distinct churches, such as Simonesti, Medisoru Mare, Turdeni, Chedia Mica, Chedia Mare.

Archeological findings: on the edge of the inner territory in the Csur field there were found a bronze colony ( Noua culture, Witemberg culture) and some findings from the early Iron Age( Hallstadt). The place is an archeological reserve.

  • Culture in the village

In 1808 the church council orders the building of a school. The first school of the village was built in 1910. This was repaired several times, then in 1884 they built a new school in the middle of the village opposite to the church. Up to 1890 teaching was done by ministers. In this year the school was turned into a state school. In 1948 it became an elementary school. Up from the fourth grade children go to school to Simonesti on foot. The school of our days was built by the state in 1936 and it is in good condition up to our days.

  • Famous people born in the village
  • Tiboldi István (1793-188o) schoolmaster, epigram writer
  • Farkas Árpád (1944-) poet
  • Fellowship connections

The Unitarian community is in very good terms with the Toronto Unitarian community. ( Toronto Unitarian Felowship).

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