Cădaciu Mic

  • Introduction of the village

The two tiny twin villages (Cadaciu Mic and Cadaciu Mare, on their former names Also- and Felso- Kadacs) lie at a height of 450 meters in the valley of the Nyiko, close to the 134A county road. It became a distinct village from the western part of the mother village, Cadaciu Mare. Its neighbors are: in the east Cadaciu Mare, in the north Turdeni, in the west Simonesti.

At the border of the village we can find the ruins of the Cadaciu castle.

The origins of the name of the village go back to a person’s name. The first written documents mention a person called Michael Akadachi (1505), later Petrus Semijen. Then appears the name of the village in the from of Akadachfalva. In 1566 when they registered all the villages from Udvarhelyszek, it was mentioned under the name Chadachi.
  • Demographical dates

The village has 70 inhabitants, all of them Hungarians. Of them 65 are Unitarians, 4 Reformed and 1 person is Roman Catholic. ( dates from 2002)

  • Touristic sights

Before the Reformation it probably belonged to the church from the age of Sain Istvan of Nicolesti, together with Cadaciu Mare. Later it belonged to Tarcesti. In 1718 it became a distinct church together with Cadaciu Mare.

The village had its own Unitarian church built in 1812 on the shore of the Nyiko that was closed in 1926, ruined in 1969 and its material was used in renovating the church from Cadaciu Mare in 1971.

The roofed bridge of the village built in 1929 is an interesting sight. 

  • Culture in the village

The church school was built in 1718 (elementary school) and worked until 1948 when it was turned into a state school. In 2004 it was closed because there weren’t enough children. The few children from the village go to school to Cobacesti.

In the past the village had an acting group. Every year they performed a play and they organized a ball on that occasion. They performed folk plays, too.

There used to be a library, too. Until 1947 the David Ferenc organization was the engine of the cultural life of the village. Nowadays there is hardly any cultural life in the village. However there are a few tries in order to restore it such as the “Cadiaciu Mic Days” organized in 2003 and the periodical journal “Christian Voice of Cadaciu Mic”. 

  • Famous people born in the village
  • Lorinczi Laszlo minister, traveler, writer
  • Fellowship connections

The Unitarian community is in fellowship connections with the community from Norwell , U.S. The village itself has fellowship connections with a settlement from Switzerland – Paliseux. 

  • Photogallery